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Brumer Hubler IoT Group

BH IoT Group builds and executes successful IoT strategies for companies struggling with either understanding where IoT fits into their business ecosystem or those companies who have gotten deeply into IoT and found themselves lost and struggling to see the return on their investment. We understand that successful deployments take experience, flexibility and a degree of agnosticism to solutions so that technology fits strategy and not vice versa. At BH IoT, we aren’t just technology providers, offering advice around platforms, devices and connectivity, we are problem solvers who understand that the real value of a successful IoT deployment lies in the strategy and execution. We understand the difficulty that final-mile represents and we design for it from the very start.

Sectors: Cities. Supply Chain. Energy. Buildings. Transportation. Retail. Industrial. Healthcare. Agriculture. Other.
Partner type: Consultant.
Phone: (404) 641-7612
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