Raptor Wireless Labs

Raptor Wireless Labs is a product design firm dedicated to wireless products. Cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS… you name it, we’ve done it, from wearables to IoT. We develop all hardware and software, guide your product through all certifications, and ramp at the factory.

We are currently in a wireless ‘boom’. Companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500 are making their products wireless. Many are learning that the effort is not trivial. Designing at RF frequencies can be tricky, antenna design is even trickier. Passing FCC certifications & carrier requirements takes skills & experience as well. This is where Raptor comes in.

The staff at Raptor has all the skills and experience required to get a wireless product from concept to market. We were doing this before the term M2M was even coined, much less IoT. Our skills and experience mean that you get a quality product to market, economically and on time.