Our Product

Get more from the data generated by your connected product

Improve and create new sources of information

Anticipate issues and opportunities by combining data collected from your product and other sources. Take advantage of the devices, wireless network providers, and external services that are already connected to TagoIO. Optimize the performance and usability of your solution to exceed customer expectations.

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Take actions in real-time integrating with the best services

Respond to customer and product needs in real-time based on the rules that you define. Integrate applications with your business backend systems such as ERP, CRM, and even gateways for payment.

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Enrich customer engagement with your solution and brand

Know more about how users interact with your solutions and get insights from the utilization of your dashboards and mobile Apps. Take full advantage of a strong branding strategy using our Whitelabel Edition to customize your application.

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Device Management

Manage all your devices and connectivity easily and securely


Get full control of all your devices connected to your account. Manage each device based on the rules that you will define for the operation, such as the maximum number of requests per hour, check in timeout, or data consumption. Our highly intuitive platform makes it easy to create, activate, edit, and remove device access from the account.

Token Management

Grant different types of access for each device. Use tokens also to create interface with external services. Each device is authenticated with a unique token generated by TagoIO back-end. All communication between the devices and TagoIO is performed over secure layer HTTPS.

Inventory Management

Add tags to organize the devices in groups or just to make it easier to find them. That is a great feature whether you have 10 or 10,000 devices. New columns with the customized Tags will be automatically added to the device list.

Multiple-Mode Connectivity

Connect to any type of device or any system using RESTful, MQTT or your proprietary protocol. TagoIO is already connected with several types of gateways, sensors, data sources, and network providers. Whether your product is connected via WiFi, Bluetooth, Sigfox, LoRa, RPMA, CDMA, 3G, satellite or any other mean, Tago can easily be configured to support your application.

Data Management

Our innovative data storage system makes it simple to find and process data


There is no need to learn about database structure. TagoIO organizes all data coming from the devices in Buckets. All data is available in these buckets to be visualized and processed in real-time. Unlock more business opportunities by using a unique feature at TagoIO that allows data Buckets to be easily shared with internal and external users.

Data Sharing

Share individual data or a set of them based on how your devices are linked to the Buckets. You can easily change the configuration of the links and the type of access at any time with few clicks.

Auto Backup and Retention

Control how your data is backed up, and avoid unnecessary costs by defining the retention period for the data not frequently used. Download your data to your local driver or other servers.

Data Manipulation

Access a list of the variables created by your devices, and get a clear picture about the amount of registers and from where they are coming from. Also, you can manage to empty the whole bucket or just to delete specific variables in few clicks.


Powerful scripts to perform real-time analytics


Implement your own business rules to instantaneously react to any change in your system. You can perform operations as simple as temperature convertion to image recognition to advanced big data analytics.

Decide in Real-time

TagoIO offers powerful options for you to create and run your own scripts in real-time. You can run scripts built in any computer language. Scripts can be triggered by fixed interval, when a device sends data, or when a certain condition is matched.

Debug Console

Track the status of your scripts during the execution of the scripts using our Console feature. Connect your development tools used in your computer directly to TagoIO to synchronize the script in your computer with the events in your account.


Prepare data sets and reports to be sent to end-users or devices by email, SMS, push notifications, MQTT or HTTP

Don’t get limited to just getting more information – take action! Take control of your system by sending data back to devices or to other back-end systems. TagoIO is easily integrated with third party software using APIs calls combining the Actions and Analysis features. Setup your action to send email, SMS, data to device, post data to another HTTP end point when a certain condition is met.

Simple rules can be setup here in a few clicks. When a condition is matched, the selected action is triggered. More complex conditions can be built with scripts, that can be triggered from an Analysis.


Build and share your dashboards with anyone

Build and share your dashboards with internal and external users securely with a few clicks. It’s easy to share solutions with anyone – even if they don’t have a TagoIO account. When you edit a dashboard that you shared, everyone gets the update automatically.

TagoIO provides several options for widgets to build your dashboard in minutes. All of them provide visualization in real-time. Some widgets can be used to collect inputs from the users to make the interface more intuitive and interactive.

Haven’t found the widget you are looking for ? No worries, you can always create your own using the Custom widget.

More than the display, tables, and chart types, TagoIO offers widgets to display animations, videos, and overlay images with heatmaps. Go further, and create your own customized widget to be used only in your application.