How IouTility’s metering services were optimized with the TagoIO platform

IouTility’s partnership with TagoIO for data storage, data processing, and analytics has resulted in tremendously reduced reporting times. By developing custom scripts, they were able to generate and send scheduled reports for them and their customers. Today, all the work necessary to manage several customers can be carried out by a single person in the span of mere minutes.

Kron Smart Energy Meters For Submetering

With Kron’s solution in conjunction with TagoIO, energy and apportionment measurements are done remotely, using desktop or mobile applications, and can track consumption measurements and other electrical quantities, all in real time. This also includes solutions for automating invoice creation, slips generation, charting, analysis reporting, and incorrect installation or measurement analysis (through error codes and measurement values).

Tempel Technologies Is Making Restrooms Smarter

Tempel Technologies was born to meet specific needs through innovative technologies, with an emphasis on the development of devices with the LoRaWANTM network technology to help facility management companies (FMs) and consumables suppliers.