Changing on Delete Data Method

When users delete data using the API method in the delete/data route or via the SDK .delete() method, the API executes in fact two operations: one to get the data using the query and another operation to actually delete the data. In the upcoming weeks, we will deploy a new version where both of these …

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Backup option to be discontinued

In order to improve the overall efficiency and quality of our services, we will be discontinuing the BackUp option that is currently available inside each bucket. This option is rarely used by developers (<0.1%) and we are working on a better way for developers to downlink data from buckets through streaming. The option to activate …

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Simple View will be discontinued

Hello developers, In these last few months, we have been striving to remove the end-user capability of TagoIO and to direct all end-users to TagoRun. In late 2019 we removed the ability for new users to register as end-users inside TagoIO (admin.tago.io), and next Monday May 18th, all end-users still registered in TagoIO’s admin will …

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The new Custom widget is here!

Try out our new Custom Widget that allows you to add your own widget design into your dashboards. It more than an iFrame inside of your dashboard, you can add parameters and make it communicate with your devices, collect inputs from your end-users, and more. Just as a few ideas, now, you can use Google …

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Big changes to our MQTT Broker

We have great news for our clients using our MQTT broker: in this new version, we are deprecating the static topic tago/data/post, tago/analysis/id and debug/tago in favor of a new mechanism using our well known feature, the TagoIO Action. From now on, you can use TagoIO Action to take actions based on the data coming …

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New Audit Log

We’ve just released the new improved Audit Log to help you to track any access and modification that occurs in your account. Using Audit Log, you can see when and how an action or analysis was triggered, and then use this information to make sure your application is working as planned. The audit log is …

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