How IouTility’s metering services were optimized with the TagoIO platform

According to the last census, in 2010, a part of the Brazilian population already occupied more than 6 million apartments. Especially in metropolises and large cities, the number of vertical and horizontal condominiums has continued to grow in recent years, generating an increase in demand for individualized measurements of water and gas in the nation. 

It was in this context that IouTility emerged, developing customized solutions and integrating the most modern technologies and equipment from the concept of the Internet of Things (IoT). Working in sectors such as utilities, smart condominium and smart houses, solar power, software, and IoT, IouTility integrates technologies and equipment focused on water and energy efficiency.

The Challenge 

The challenge IouTility identified when working with customers and partners was how to properly manage, store, and optimize the data collected during the entire process in regards to gas and water meters in condominiums of different sizes. The company noticed a growing need for condos to be more efficient and that new sensors and connectivity types were emerging, making IouTility even more determined to be the company at the forefront of the area. The only thing they were missing however was a partnership with a company with an IoT platform that could make it all feasible — while still being at the right cost and providing a high degree of reliability. 

The Solution

To store the consumption data collected in the various condominiums tended to by IouTility, the company went to TagoIO for help, from whom they also utilize in the generation of consumption reports according to the type of meter.

“The adoption of TagoIO’s system optimized the visualization process and the processing of the real-time data collected from the sensors. In addition, the platform is also now compatible with several different models of equipment already installed,” explains Jessica M. Baptista, research and development engineer at IouTility.

IouTility's process diagram

TagoIO’s tools were instrumental in IouTility’s adoption of LoRaWANTM technology, and after an analysis of other services in the industry, they concluded that the platform would provide the best cost-benefit for their customers.

The Results

IouTility’s partnership with TagoIO for data storage, data processing, and analytics has resulted in tremendously reduced reporting times. By developing custom scripts, they were able to generate and send scheduled reports for them and their customers. Today, all the work necessary to manage several customers can be carried out by a single person in the span of mere minutes.

And with customers throughout Brazil, the implementation of IouTility’s individualization projects ensures a fairer charge on tenants’ accounts, allows for consumption monitoring, and facilitates the detection of leaks in the network. Through the modern LoRaWANTM wireless network that is now emerging in Brazil, the company was also able to bring more security to condominiums by eliminating the need for any in-person meter readings.

IouTility example reports

“Our partnership with TagoIO has enabled us to improve the interaction between different operating systems and obtain operational cost reduction, both based on the concept of the Internet of Things,” explains Marcos Rizzo, CEO of IouTility.

About IouTility

IouTility is a Brazilian service provider with strong experience in IoT projects for energy, environmental, smart cities, manufacturing, and facilities industries.

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