Access Management

Manage and know your end-users

Access Management enables you to grant access to users based on rules that you can define to any level


Access Management (AM) is a module that helps you to securely grant access to certain resources on your account. Create policies with groups of users, and determine what permissions they’ll have to access certain resources. 

Access management user using RUN TagoIO

Take full control of your application

Application administrators get full control of their RUN application (the application that’s deployed to their end-users) by using Access Management and User Management together.

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policy rules to access management. IoT Platform with TagoIO

Your Rules

Easily associate IoT devices with your users. Just create individual policies to securely grant access to certain resources on your account for pre-defined targets. 

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User Management TagoIO for IoT users

Tag Users & Resources

With the Tag resource available on TagoIO, administrators can easily associate organizations, sites, departments, regions, or any other group to users. In addition, tags can also be used to group resources, such as devices and dashboards, to automate the access management process.

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single sign on for user access. SSO for enterprise version. TagoRUN module for signup


Go beyond with SSO

By using our Single Sign-On (SSO) integration, end-users are able to sign in to your RUN application using credentials from your own trusted user database.

This user database can be provided by third-party services such as Okta, Microsoft Azure AD, OneLogin, PingIdentity, Google Workspace, and several other identity providers.

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Go beyond IoT with TagoIO modules

After you’ve created your IoT application with TagoIO, define the rules and policies that will determine the organizations and users that can access your solution.

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FAQ – Access Management

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