Don’t limit yourself by just storing data, take action!

Action is a very powerful feature that gives you total control over your IoT devices and the communication channels with your customers based on events


We learned that there are different ways to communicate with end-users and to take actions on their behalf. That’s why TagoIO offers a wide range of action types, such as SMS, e-mail, push notifications, script execution, and sending data to another system and back to end-devices in real-time.

Actions to remotely control IoT sensor. Iot Devices and Analytics with TagoIO

Recommend the best action for your users

Generate a report in CSV or PDF format, setup alerts based on specific rules, integrate with webservices, run machine learning algorithms, or anything else by combining scripts and other TagoIO resources.

workflow sensors to take actions

Your Rules

Setup your rules in a few clicks so that when a condition is met, the selected action is triggered. You can also always build advanced conditions by using scripts!

Learn how to create Actions

Process in Real-Time

Use TagoIO and don’t miss any opportunity to simplify the decision-making process for your end-user. Additionally, add scripts to be triggered in a fixed interval or when a certain condition is met.

Learn how to schedule actions

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Streamline your Process

More than just enabling you to send SMS or e-mail to end-users, Actions help you to build a sequence of tasks based on events. You can also start a process that automatically opens a service ticket or turns on a smart valve — all under your control.

Simplify the process of your IoT solution

Use the Action feature from TagoIO to communicate the right recommendations you want your customers to take when an event happens.

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FAQ – Actions

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