Rapidly-growing Enablers alongside TagoIO

How Enablers enriched their portfolio with TagoIO

When three executives and friends got together to create Enablers Solucoes, their vision was clear: “to drive the digital transformation of every company through the best application of the IoT technology.”

The company was born with highly qualified professionals that brought with them expansive global knowledge and experience — notably with the B2B market in mind.

“The name Enablers is exactly that, it’s an enabler of technology that uses market solutions and our own developments to complement the customer application.” – M. Fischer, Enablers’ CEO.

With the objective of creating devices that are simple to install and simple to maintain, Enablers utilizes TagoIO’s platform to provide the most direct and concise solutions to their users.

Some of the areas that Enablers strategically selected to provide solutions:

  1. Gas, water, and electric metering for public and private companies
  2. Cold chain management
  3. Process improvement combining IoT & Lean manufacturing
  4. Asset tracking to fully manage tolling and molds for the automotive industry

Enablers’ flexibility has allowed them to rapidly grow, and they can deliver exactly what customers want by using off-the-shelf hardware, or by designing custom devices for them in record time. Nevertheless, the company is able to provide the complete end-to-end solution, not only the hardware.

When a big customer in Brazil ordered more than 35,000 devices for a gas meter project using LoRaWAN technology, Enablers decided that they should design their own hardware to be more competitive. The situation escalated to the point where Enablers even decided to design their own LoRaWAN module in partnership with Quadrar Tecnologia. As a result, Enablers was able to quickly leverage the new module and license it for more customers and partners.

Enablers directly confronts the aspects of connectivity, cost, and durability when providing and scaling solutions for their customers.

Enablers specializes in delivering products, services and solutions that enable business on a global scale, and TagoIO makes it all possible. The engineering team is always testing out new features and making sure that more intuitive designs are constantly added to the customer application by using the Analysis features.

Enablers has taken advantage of several features and modules on the TagoIO platform, most notably is the Profile . By organizing customers inside of different profiles, the company can provide a high number of IoT solutions for customers in the medical, automotive, and utility sectors at a very affordable cost. Operation and finance staff can get real-time information of the budget for each sub-account while providing individual access of the sub-account to their customers.

Recently, the company started an initiative to understand how customers and users are interacting with their white-label version through the TagoRUN User Engagement tool. By integrating Enablers’ white-label version with Zoho SalesIQ and Google Analytics through TagoRUN, the company is tracking users in real-time to understand when and what users are accessing their applications. The information is used to improve usability, process, and applications.

“Once the customers’ solution are defined, we prepare to deploy and scale up at a very high pace, so that we can benefit from recurrence sooner than the competitors. TagoIO is at the center of Enablers’ strategy for allowing to do exactly this – to be very competitive” – M. Fischer, Enablers’ CEO.