New environmental LoRaWAN sensors from Decentlab added to TagoIO

Decentlab, a Swiss hardware manufacturer that produces high-quality environmental sensors, has expanded its list of LoRaWAN devices. They are bringing new LoraWAN-based sensors for CO2, pressure, soil moisture, and many others. In addition, the TagoIO platform now includes most Decentlab devices; as a result, users may connect them to the TagoIO platform without needing to code or configure complicated settings. Instead, link the device, join the LoRaWAN network, pick a dashboard, and you’re good to go.

Decentlab devices

Users can use the Decentlab LoRaWAN devices for many applications like air quality, ecophysiology, hydrology, indoor air quality, internet of water, and urban heat island. Here are some examples of the Decentlab devices:


A soil moisture, temperature, and electrical conductivity sensor using LoRaWAN. The device can be used for many applications, such as smart agriculture, urban heat islands, and irrigation control. Learn more about the device here

Decentlab devices dl trs1x


A sensor that tracks CO2, temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure using LoRaWAN technology. You can use it for air quality applications, goods and storage condition monitoring, energy saving, and smart agriculture. Learn more about the device here.


A LoraWAN pressure, liquid level, and temperature sensor for outdoor remote monitoring, level/depth monitoring in tanks for liquids, groundwater level monitoring, level/depth monitoring in wells, water depth and temperature monitoring in running or open water, and relative pressure measurement. Learn more about the device here.

Okay, I connected my device, now what?

This new integration for Decentlab with TagoIO allows users to connect devices easily to the TagoIO platform. However, don’t stop here; create applications easily using our Kickstarter and Dashboard Templates; there, you will find ready-to-go customisable applications without needing to build a dashboard from scratch.

The dashboard above is a template available for Temperature, Humidity, and Air Quality applications based on the data sent by the PR26. All that you have to do after connecting the device and importing the dashboard template is select the device, and there you have this beautiful dashboard working.

Interested in connecting Decentlab devices or any other device to TagoIO? Head to our website and check out the list of devices already integrated with TagoIO. You can also contact our team and suggest new devices in the community.