Kickstarter for IoT

Ready-to-go Applications

TagoIO provides complete end-to-end IoT applications that can be exported to your account and used as templates for full customization.


Complete Templates to Accelerate IoT Applications

Build powerful customized IoT applications using your own brand, domain, and using your business rules in no time. Start building solutions for smart building, smart agriculture, logistic, asset tracking, IIoT, transportation, metering, and more today.

All dashboard templates and scripts are free for you to install and modify!


Smarter farms in minutes

Use the TagoIO Kickstarter to control temperature, humidity, doors, gates, and equipment status while adding your own branding in the portal. Smarten up your farm with little to no effort!


Pick your blocks

Build your application based on the Kickstarter module that manages users and smart devices, and that creates alerts and reports — all from a robust set of libraries available to you.

Executive using iot sensors in building to run data analytics and ticket management


Think big

Apply Kickstarter in any application aimed for metering: gas, water, or electricity! The alerts and reports available can be customized at a very deep level of detail, and you still can add the plan management module for sub-metering applications.

gas tanks with real-time iot sensors for energy industry


Track it all

Use our Kickstarter to go beyond asset tracking, and give customers valuable information from their sensors and equipment. Customize our dashboards and reports to present battery level, fuel level, temperature, operation status, and any other data acquired by third-party sensors.

employee using iot sensors installed in trucks, airplanes, containers for data visualization, analytics and notifications


Try it yourself!

Access our demo portal to get a real feel for what your end-users will see when signing up to your portal. You can entirely customize this portal through Kickstarter!

Request a personalized demo to learn how administrator and supervisor levels can be added to the application.

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Helping with your Digitalization Journey

Connect any IoT Sensor — easily!

Allow your end-users to add their devices using QR codes, or ship them pre-registered. With Kickstarter, you decide which sensors will be available for your customers.

Browse our list of devices

Customize the Way You Want

Kickstarter comes with a series of dashboards, reports, alerts, and user management modules. Still, you can modify and add more modules to create the differentiation your business needs.

Learn More about Data Visualization

Engage with Your Brand

Reach customers anywhere by providing your solution displaying your brand, logo, colors, and e-mails. Get users engaged by sending push notifications, SMS, and personalized e-mails.

Learn how to deploy with TagoRUN

Create Multi-level User Access

A successful IoT deployment goes beyond a nice dashboard. By using our Access management module you can add several levels of access for organizations, sites, admins, and end-users.

Learn More about TagoIO Analysis

Discover more!

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Access the Kickstarter software and documentation

Download the package that includes all the main required features necessary for a great IoT application to run. Use the scripts provided by our Github to learn and to develop your own solutions.

Visit Github repository

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Need help using the Kickstarter application?

TagoIO offers professional services through a dedicated team that can install, customize, and deploy the Kickstarter application for you. You can start small & expand the applications with our help, or by yourself.

Request Professional Services

Kickstarter – it’s quick to start and expand

Create an account, confirm your email, and try the first experience that your customers may also have with your own application.
Access a generic IoT application built with the Kickstarter as an end-user — This is just the beginning!


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