TagoIO Partner Program for Developers

TagoIO knows the importance of growing together with our partners, as when they thrive, so do we. With this program for developers, we’ve set out to provide as many opportunities as possible to aid our developer partners, helping to introduce them to a network of other partners in the industry, providing event opportunities, and a variety of other benefits across the board.

If you wish to work with TagoIO to deploy a solution for potential IoT leads, don’t miss out on this spectacular partnership opportunity.

What is a software developer?

developer coding in java script for the internet of things to get certification

A developer is a professional who can create, design, modify, test, and/or integrate different software programs. They start by identifying the user’s problem and designing a roadmap until achieving one or more programming solutions

Today the software developer has important roles in industries such as Computer Systems, IoT, Manufacturing, Finance, and Software Publishing Industries.

Developer Benefits with TagoIO

In ensuring that all of our partners are in the most advantageous position as possible, we look to provide as many benefits as we can; for our Software Developer friends, those benefits include:

  • Intensive Training and Certification
  • 6 months of the Starter Plan at no cost *Does not include additional limits
  • Upgrade to Scale Plan after 6 months at the same cost as the Starter Plan 
  • Premium Developer Support Plan
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager at no additional cost
  • Work with worldwide customers

Become a Partner and create a partner account on the Partner Portal.

Minimum Requirements

  • Attend Training & Certification
  • Include TagoIO’s logo on website as partner
  • Regular participation in our Community and maintain the Valuable Contributor badge
  • Maintain your partner profile up to date on TagoIO’s Portal
  • Developers can only design for 3rd parties
  • Have knowledge in Javascript, Typescript, JSON, HTML, CSS in order to Develop platform functions. When running Analysis externally, other coding languages may be used.

When maintaining regular participation in the community you can achieve a richer, more attractive profile to gather your potential lead’s visibility.

Partner Portal

When it comes to connecting with others and expanding inter-industry cooperation, the Partner Portal is a huge part of how we optimize that process. This portal is how others will be able to learn more about your company, what sectors you provide services and/or products in, and most importantly how to get in contact with you! Being a part of our amazing network of partners provides you with this opportunity for soaring expansion, as even just having your name out there can play a huge role in your company’s success.

Always remember to keep your Partner Portal profile updated so it displays your information correctly on TagoIO’s website. A potential lead will try to contact you from the Find Partners page. Please see an profile example below:

When a potential lead clicks on the “Make an Introduction” button, they will see and fill out the following Contact Form:

When this form is submitted, you will receive an email with the lead details and have direct contact with this potential lead. Make sure that you add updated contact information to your Partner Portal to ensure ease-of-communication.

Overall Partner Benefits

  • Early access to new releases and roadmap
  • More visibility — newsletters, website, referral 
  • Participation in events as exhibitor and speaker
  • Training and certification
  • Use case preparation
  • Press releases

Be a partner of this network and grow with TagoIO!

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