At TagoIO, we provide tools that enable easy sharing of dashboards to be reused by end-users as a final solution or by other developers as a starting point. Templates can be generated to make using the IoT platform much easier and faster. One example, STREGA, has developed custom TagoIO dashboards with animated widgets that are completely free to use. These templates are pre-designed with STREGA devices in mind and have widgets for things like valve status, irrigation and pump control.

These templates from STREGA also contain scripts that are used to control the valves remotely through the LoRaWANTM technology; this is done through the Analysis feature that is the scripting tool for downlinks. Downlink commands are performed through the TagoIO “Analysis” which is specific for each LNS connector. This will seamlessly implement the actions and allow the widgets to communicate with the sensors without the time and effort of the user.  

Who is STREGA and how can they help me? 

STREGA, created in 2011 by a team of IT and industrial communication specialists, has a long-time expertise in the European and Middle East market. With more than 25 years of experience in the Automation, SCADA and communication business, the STREGA team is active concurrently in France and Middle East by having a structure located in both Paris and Dubai Silicon Oasis, UAE. 

With a focus on irrigation and valve control, STREGA devices are a must have for anyone in the agriculture or even landscaping business. Devices like street light feeders, wireless smart valves, pump controls and power switches can be used in a variety of ways to make smart buildings, irrigation and landscaping or even simple projects with one or two pumps easy to manage.

Benefits of using STREGA TagoIO Dashboard Templates 

Creating a dashboard can be time consuming when you are still figuring out what the application should look like and it is dependent on the number of devices and widgets needed. With templates a lot of the work is done for you, with you only needing to provide the sensor and data for it to read.  

With the STREGA dashboards, users can add or delete widgets as they please once the template is downloaded and added to their dashboards. Since STREGA also provides the Analysis, the scripting tool to connect the widget to the devices, it’s really easy to click the widget and add a device for it to read.  

Strega Lorawan valves for irrigation. Open close smart valves.
STREGA smart valve for water shut-off based on LoRaWANTM

Using TagoIO dashboard templates cuts down on time and money, if you’re paying someone to create the dashboards for you, or you’re spending time creating it yourself. Since time is money, let us, with the help of STREGA, save you some of both.  

Click here to view and download the TagoIO dashboard templates created by STREGA. 

The Dashboards  

STREGA has created three different dashboards available for demo view or download: Smart Building, Irrigation, and Pump Control. 

iot widgets device display STREGA dashboard tagoio smart building

The Irrigation and Smart Pump dashboards are similar and includes stats for moisture and leak detection, valve and pump status, charts for temperature, hygrometry and actuator, counter widget and more. They both include easy turn on/off widgets to be able to control the valves and pumps at your fingertips.  

iot dashboard schedule irrigation device valve shut off strega

Each dashboard template also has a Schedulers, Location and Settings tab that allows the user to schedule valves to open or close. The Settings tab allows the user to edit the class mode (class C requires more energy than class A if running on batteries), UL Frequency, RSSI, SNR and other statistics helpful to maintain control.  

To get started with STREGA dashboards and learn more about how they work with TagoIO click here.

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  1. Very interesting topic, ty for sharing! When I want to click on the last link to learn more about the dashboards I am required to enter a password, is this on purpose?

    1. You just need to have an account at TagoIO to install these dashboards – it will work even in a FREE version. Probably if you already have one, you just need to sign in again.

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