Build and share your dashboards with anyone

Build and share your dashboards with internal and external users securely with just a few clicks. It’s easy to share solutions with anyone — even if they don’t have a TagoIO account. When you edit a dashboard that you shared, everyone gets the update automatically.

Your platform is ready for mobile and tablet

Everybody is busy nowadays. As a result, your application needs to start with a friendly and beautiful mobile app.


Drag and Drop Widgets

TagoIO provides several options for widgets to build your dashboard in mere minutes. All of them provide visualization in real-time, with some widgets allowing you to collect input from users to make the interface more intuitive and interactive.

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multi language dictionary for IoT - countries around the world

Multi-Language Dashboards

Use our innovative dictionary feature to improve your application by allowing you to edit any message in your dashboards and to provide your IoT solution for your customers in any language.

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Embedded Widgets

Use our option to embed your widgets in any website or portal. You can display any information from your solution or use our forms to collect inputs to be processed in your IoT application.

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Premium Widgets for Free 🙂

More than the display, tables, and chart types, TagoIO offers widgets to display animations, videos, and overlay images with heatmaps. Go further, and create your own customized widget to be used only in your application, or compose sensors with videos or images in the background.


Brand and release your complete solution to your users

After you’ve built your dashboards and selected the IoT devices, define access rules for your end-users and use TagoRUN to customize your solution. Your end-users will be able to access your own platform containing your logo, colors, url, templates, and more.

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easy to use whitelabel version of an IoT platform, custom digital transformation solutions with TagoIO

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