New LoRaWAN™ device integration: Tektelic & TagoIO

We are very excited to announce the addition of three new LoRaWAN devices from our partner TEKTELIC Communications Inc.
Now you can find these connectors in our TagoIO devices list for the following sensors:
[1] All-in-one home sensor: ideal tool for measuring and reporting temperature, humidity and light intensity, detecting motion, shock and water leaks
[2] Industrial transceiver: provides a full suite of serial connectivity options including RS232, RS422 and RS485 to support applications such as MODBUS® or CAN bus over LoRa™
[3] Asset Tracker: supports user configurable triggers that can be based on the detection of motion, a set g-force acceleration threshold or a time interval as the basis for location reporting
Check out our list of connectors located under the Device section and try to add the new device in your account.
In a few clicks, the device is installed to the developer account, and connected to the selected LoRaWAN™ provider. First phase of this integration was performed using The Things Network (TTN), but our technical team is working to release more connectors to be ready to use these sensors with other providers like Everynet, Loriot, machineQ, Senet, and Senra. From there, developers can easily build dashboards, create analytics and notifications (SMS, email, push notifications) as needed.
For more information about Tektelic devices visit
Tektelic Devices