Branding Guidelines

Your guide to using TagoIO, TagoRUN, and TagoCore branding assets

Welcome to the TAGOIO BRAND Guide

Brand Guide

We’ve created this guideline to help you use our brand, logo, content, and format, without having to ask for a license for each use.

Media Kit

Brand Guidelines

Download our media kit that contains information about the proper use of TagoIO’s branding assets.

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Logo files

We have developed different logos based on different necessities. You can download all the TagoIO, TagoRUN, and TagoCore logos in different versions, colors, and file formats below.

All TagoIO Logos

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All TagoRUN Logos

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All TagoCore Logos

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QUESTIONS about our brand guide?

If you have any questions or requests about the TagoIO brand guide or want to report any misuse, please contact us at