Better Cities

From water supply and traffic monitoring to street lighting control, companies and governments are working together to get the most from sensor data to improve the quality of life in the cities.


Maximizing Resources & Safety in Cities

More and more companies are bringing their IoT sensors and solutions together to help people live better in cities around the world. By deploying smart sensors and data analytics, solution providers can forecast demand and recommend actions to reduce crises and mitigate the effects of outages.

Get Connected in No Time

Certified devices are ready to be connected to your application in no time. Smart cities are relying on WiFi, LoRaWAN, Sigfox, BLE, or other means to integrate sensors and can now benefit from a long list of sensors at TagoIO.

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Offer the Best Visualization

Sensor data can be complex to understand, but with the right use of widgets and analytics, providers can present data in a simple and clear format for citizens. Learn how how to use our ready-to-go widgets to display status, location, alerts, and also how to create custom widgets.

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Engage with Your Brand

Reach customers anywhere by providing your solution displaying your brand, logo, colors, and e-mails. Get users engaged by sending proper and timely push-notification, SMS, and personalized e-mails.

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Add Your Secret Sauce

Most of the value-added in an IoT application comes from the intelligence running behind it. By adding scripts executed in real-time, providers are able to their leapfrog competition by offering smarter and easy-to-use IoT solutions.

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All in One

By working with business partners and local governments, providers can now centralize all their information from different sources of data and sensors in a single place. Making it easier for end-users to access their custom views easily – all in one application.


Edit any texts to tailor the messages for your target users. Deliver your IoT solution in any language using the multi-language dictionary feature.

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With a Single Sign-On (SSO), your end-users are able to sign in into your application using the credentials from your own trusted user database.

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Mobile app

Make your IoT application available for mobile app on AppStore and GooglePlay using our custom mobile app add-on. The TagoRUN mobile app is FREE!

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