Data Management

All your data organized the way you need — simple and easy.

The best tools to simplify data management of thousands of IoT devices and organizations, so you focus on the big picture.


There’s no need to learn about database structure, as TagoIO organizes all data coming from the devices in data buckets. Additionally, all data is available in these buckets to be visualized and processed in real-time — it’s never been so easy to manipulate IoT data.

Simplicity and functionality

Whatever you are building to win in the marketplace, you can count on TagoIO’s fast and reliable database. Our platform simplifies the way you store, access, and manage data. It doesn’t matter if data is created by IoT devices, enterprise systems, or user inputs — you can manage them all.

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Manage Data Easily

TagoIO was created to manage all types of data sent by your IoT devices, including configuration of data retention periods, data streaming, and individual variable control. We offer options to associate devices with data buckets to make it easy for anyone to manage information.

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Store More Than Sensor Data

We know that businesses need to go beyond the IoT application to add more value to their customers, that’s why our database is able to manage information from users, companies, assets, and anything else needed to transform and integrate your business.

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Designed around your needs

We offer the highest flexibility when referring to how you can structure and use your data, at any time — allowing you to stream all the data you own to your local server.

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Work with the best structure.

Designing and maintaining databases for different applications can be a daunting task; that’s why our engineers came up with a solution suitable to manage data from sensors, users, and organizations.

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