Data Management

Get more from the data generated by your connected product

Our innovative data storage system makes it simple to find and process data

There is no need to learn about database structure. TagoIO organizes all data coming from the devices in Buckets. All data is available in these buckets to be visualized and processed in real-time. Unlock more business opportunities by using a unique feature at TagoIO that allows data Buckets to be easily shared with internal and external users.

Data Sharing

Share individual data or a set of them based on how your devices are linked to the Buckets. You can easily change the configuration of the links and the type of access at any time with few clicks.

Auto Backup and Retention

Control how your data is backed up, and avoid unnecessary costs by defining the retention period for the data not frequently used. Download your data to your local driver or other servers.

Data Manipulation

Access a list of the variables created by your devices, and get a clear picture about the amount of registers and from where they are coming from. Also, you can manage to empty the whole bucket or just to delete specific variables in few clicks.

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