Saving Smart

All stages of the energy industry can benefit from IoT sensors and smart analytics.


The IoT Platform for the Energy Sector

As the world faces unprecedented levels of energy demand, players in the energy sector will continue to invest in smarter and more sophisticated systems to produce, distribute, and bill energy. By precisely monitoring gas and electricity consumed by individuals, companies are improving the costs and the quality of the services.

Technician using TagoIO on the energy sector

Chose Your Connectivity

Certified devices are ready to be connected to your application in no time. Whether the network is based on WiFi, LoRaWAN, Sigfox, BLE, or other means, you can benefit from a long list of sensors at TagoIO.

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Visualize the Way You Want

Nowadays, users are extremely busy and rely on precise information to take planned actions. With TagoIO, sensor data can be combined with external data bases and made available in a simple and easy to use dashboard. Learn how how to use our ready-to-go widgets to display status, location, levels, and also how to create custom widgets.

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Engage with Your Brand

Reach customers anywhere by providing your solution displaying your brand, logo, colors, and e-mails. Get users engaged by sending proper and timely push-notification, SMS, and personalized e-mails.

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Add Your Secret Sauce

A successful IoT deployment goes beyond a nice dashboard. Building managers, shopping center operators, and other end-users demand clear guidance and recommendation that is only achievable through the use of smart analytics.

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All in One

Operators expect to access their data from anywhere, easily, and reliably. Service providers and integrators are now able to provide more value when offering a higher level of customization and specific functions on the same application.


Edit any texts to tailor the messages for your target users. Deliver your IoT solution in any language using the multi-language dictionary feature.

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With a Single Sign-On (SSO), your end-users are allowed to sign in into your application using the credentials from your own trusted user database.

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Mobile app

Make your IoT application available for mobile app on AppStore and GooglePlay using our custom mobile app add-on. The TagoRUN mobile app is free!

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