Frequently asked questions

If you need more information, these FAQs can help.

Which web browser do TagoIO Admin and TagoRUN work with?

TagoIO Admin is optimized for Chrome (latest version), Firefox (latest version), Safari (latest version), and Edge. Also, it works with Chrome on Android (latest version), and Safari on iOS (latest version).

What are the types of customer information at TagoIO?

At TagoIO, we classify customer information in two categories: customer content and account information.

Customer content is all data that users who have account at TagoIO transfer to us for processing and storage. For example, customer content includes the data sent from IoT devices, user operation (dashboards), data provided by the systems integrated with our API’s, image or video files, scripts and configurations used in the associated account. Account information is not included in the customer content.

Account information is the information that users provide when they create accounts at TagoIO (normally as a developer). Some example are: name, username, e-mail, phone number, and billing information that are associated with the admin account. Our privacy policy for this type of information can be found here.

Who owns and controls customer content?

As a developer, you maintain ownership of your content, and you control how TagoIO services will process, store, and present your content, including your application. By using the Access and User control features, you define how end-users will access your applications and content. We don’t use your customer content or derive information from it for marketing or advertising.

Where is my data stored?

TagoIO database is located on servers in the United States. We are planing to add servers in other regions (Europe, Japan, Brazil…) soon, so that users can keep all data in their own region. It is important to remember that users can download all data to their own servers, and define a retention period to define how long data should be kept at TagoIO.

How can I know which users are accessing my applications?

By using our Whitelabel edition, your applications and users will be separated to an area controlled by your master account. You will know who signed up, and will be able to grant or deny access to each one. This information will be available only for you.

In what languages is TagoIO available?

TagoIO is fully supported in English for Developers. And for end users (User View) TagoRUN is available in any language based on the file uploaded in the Dictionary. Select the desired language in Account Settings > Visualization Preferences, under MyAccount option.

Is an on-premises version available?

TagoIO runs on cloud so that customers can get the best of redundancy, uptime with the minimum of overhead and costs. There is no on-premises version available yet (for installation).

Is TagoIO HIPAA and FedRAMP compliant?

Our roadmap includes TagoIO certification for HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) and FedRAMP (Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program). Contact us if any of these compliances are required for your project.