The best way for end-users to access your IoT applications

Take full advantage of TagoRUN

Free for you to use for your customers. Affordable to expand as you grow!

Customize your domain and e-mails

Your customers can sign up in your domain instead of Our brand can also be removed.

Add your brand in minutes for free

Customize your TagoRUN by adding your brand inside the platform, signup, and mobile App at no cost. Just select the colors, texts, images, and upload your logo.

Have full control of your users

Define the type of access that each user will have in your platform. Track how they interact with your solution.

Access GPS and Wi-Fi modules

Track the location of end-users from their mobile devices. Simple native Wi-Fi provision setup available.

Want to know more about our future plans?

Check out our Roadmap page, you will find many cool things our team is working on and some features we are planning for the future.

Powerful features that go beyond whitelabel

Get insight from end-users

Use the best analytics services that allow you to analyze in-depth details about your TagoRUN’s users. You can easily integrate your TagoRUN application with Google Analytics or Zoho SalesIQ tools.

Learn about Google Analytics and TagoRUN

Access mobile features

Take advantage of the GPS available in mobile devices, that works as a free IoT device, to create solutions for your customers without any additional cost. Use our native provisioning feature that makes it easy for end-users to register Wi-Fi devices on their network.

Take full control of your application

Determine how users will access your IoT application and the level of access for each one. By working with our User Management and Access management modules, you can create policies for individuals, groups, or even external organizations.

Engage more with your customers

Send customized messages to your end-user through our notification and e-mail systems. Add chats, bots, calls, remote screen access, and more. Customize your own unique email template for welcoming your new users, when activating their accounts or even resetting their passwords.

Custom domain & white label

Your customers will sign up in the portal using your own URL, e.g., when you add the Custom Domain add-on. Your company’s colors, logo, theme, background, and button settings all replace the TagoIO branding.