Manage and know your end-users

Visualize and control all users that sign up in your IoT application using the User Management Module


Deploy your application in minutes, then invite and manage all the end-users that have access to it. TagoIO brings all the modules that you need to share your application with peers, employees, customers, or anyone else — all in one place.

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Get full control of your application

Application administrators get full control of their RUN application (application that is deployed to their end-users) by using the Access Management and User Management together.

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User Management TagoIO for IoT users

Your Users

Each application is different. You may want to invite users to access your applications, allow them to sign up, or be notified when someone requests access — whatever you need, you can get it with TagoIO.

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Your Portal

With the RUN module, you’ll deploy your IoT application with your custom URL. Users will sign up on your portal seeing your logo, colors, and settings — all branded for your company.

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Engage with your end-users

Get more information about how your customers use your application by integrating your RUN application with Google Analytics and CRMs. In addition, add chats and BOTs using tools like Zoho SalesIQ.

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Go beyond IoT with TagoIO modules

After you’ve created your IoT application with TagoIO, define the rules and policies that will determine the organizations and users that can access your solution.

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FAQ – User Management

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