How much will your IoT application cost? A complete guide to TagoIO pricing.

One key factor that makes people buy an IoT platform instead of building is the cost of maintaining and operating the applications. So, after all, how much will an IoT application cost? 

A complete application price may vary depending on the number of devices, data volume, and services required by the application.

TagoIO offers different prices depending on the client’s needs. The goal is always to try to suit every pocket and all operation sizes. Three main components compose TagoIO pricing: Plans, Services, and Add-ons.

TagoIO Plans

The plan is the first thing you will select when you open a TagoIO account. We developed our plans with our users in mind to help them achieve the best outcome for their applications. For those reasons, we offer competitive prices and the possibility to change your limits as your operation grows.

There are three different plans: Free, Starter, and Scale. Each plan offers a specific limit for the number of devices, dashboards, and other features.

The free plan perfectly suits an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) with five devices. Once the product is ready to launch, use the starter plan to access up to 100 devices. Finally, when you’re ready to go full throttle, opt for the Scale plan and be able to use over 10000 devices.

Learn more about our options and plans here!

Our developer support plan is included in the starter and scale plans. If your application needs another support plan, you may change it anytime.

Additional services and Add-ons

After choosing your plan, it’s time for additional services. We offer a broad range of services. As your application grows, you can increase each service limit at will. Every plan comes with the same limit of services.

You’ll find more information about the additional services in our documentation.

The final decision is about the add-ons. There are two of them: custom domain & Whitelabel, and custom mobile App.

Cost Calculator

For our users to better understand our prices, we have created a cost calculator page. The page is based on the basic needs of most applications. 

The calculator works for people new to TagoIO who want to have an approximate monthly cost and expense value. It can also help those with ongoing TagoIO applications to know how much it would cost to scale up. 

How does it work?

You can input your application needs on the cost calculator page, click the calculate button and have the estimated monthly usage and expense. Clicking on the button again is necessary if you change the input. There are also two add-ons to select, one for the custom domain & Whitelabel, and the other for the custom mobile App.

TagoIO IoT application cost calculator

As the image says, other services, such as Analysis, Data Output, and Push notifications are not included to simplify the simulation.

Get your estimated price.

Want to know more?

If you want to learn more about our pricing or get help estimating the costs to run your applications Contact our sales and support team, they will be glad to help you.