Khomp releases 3 IoT starter kits in an outstanding partnership with TagoIO

TagoIO and Khomp have partnered to develop IoT (Internet of Things) starter kits based on LoraWAN that offer many benefits for those looking to create complete IoT solutions. These IoT starter kits will be manufactured and distributed by Khomp.

The new kits come with LoRaWAN technology and all its benefits, providing inexpensive long-range connectivity and long battery life.

Three kits are being released initially and they are focused on solving the most common monitoring problems in the industry. 

These kits integrate both software and hardware in one purchase, reducing the time needed to set up, and they also come with beautiful and functional dashboards with settings tailored to you, also available for Android and iOS. Essentially, it’s a plug-and-play solution ready to be used out of the box for prototyping.

For this solution, a customized IoT portal was created to easily connect the starter kits. Beyond the data visualization, the custom portal also allows report generation, user management, alerts, and more.

These kits are just the beginning, as many more are expected to be launched later as a result of this partnership.

For more information about the kits, and how you can purchase them, click here


For those who are just taking their first steps with IoT, these starter kits are a great way to accelerate your process. Although developers can easily initiate their IoT applications using these new kits as it is, by connecting directly to the TagoIO Portal they can create any type of solution without limitations.

If you want to explore more possibilities with IoT and create and customize your own applications, you can do so by using your free TagoIO account.

By using the same kits, it’s possible to build applications for virtually every area that you can imagine. These include, for example:

  • Supply chain
  • Smart cities 
  • Agriculture
  • Industry
  • Transportation
  • Freezer monitoring systems

And many others.

Inside TagoIO you will find many dashboard templates for your application, and you can use them to accelerate your progress, or simply as inspiration for your IoT applications. 

Talking about customization, TagoIO provides complete end-to-end IoT applications that can be exported to your account and used as templates for full customization. The kickstarter comes with a series of dashboards, reports, alerts, and user management modules, but still, you can modify and add more modules to create the differentiation your business needs.

You can learn more by accessing our Kickstarter page.

For those who want to provide their IoT applications for end-users, there’s TagoRUN where you can develop your own platform that is 100% customizable and give access to your customers, also available for iOS and Android.

All those applications can be made using your own brand, domain, and using your business rules.

We would love to know what solutions you’re building with these kits!

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