Cost Estimator

Cost Estimator

Estimate the cost of your IoT application is easy!

Use our calculator below to estimate the recurrent cost of your IoT application running on TagoIO. We provide several services that can be added and provisioned to your application. Just input some basic information about your application into the calculator to get a monthly estimation of the services needed and the cost associated with them.

IoT devices

Variables per uplink

Uplink frequency


SMS per day

E-mails per day

Storage for files (GB)


* Other services, such as Analysis, Data Output, and Push Notifications are not included in order to simplify the simulation.
Data Input720/mo
Data Storage720 Registers
File Storage0.2 GB
End-users10 users
Monthly Estimated Price *$49

Want to learn more about volume pricing or get help to estimate the costs to run your applications?

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