Supply Chain

Revolutionizing Supply Chain

IoT devices are now enabling continuous real-time supply chain visibility like never before.


Supply Chain Real-Time Visibility

The Internet of Things is transforming supply chain management in all stages. New digital capabilities have been enabled by the right combination of IoT sensors, external data, and advanced analytics. Producers, logistic operators, wholesalers, retailers, and consumers are all getting more benefits from better tracking, monitoring, and control of their assets.

Chain chain application of Internet of things on a warehouse

Keep Connected in All Stages

As TagoIO allows for the smooth integration of any type of sensor and network in the same application, users can track their assets in every stage of the process. Hundreds of pre-certified devices based on WiFi, LoRaWAN, Sigfox, BLE, Satellites, and others are ready to be used.

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Offer the Best Visualization

Sensor data can be complex to understand, but with the right use of widgets and analytics, system integrators can present data in a simple and clear format for end-users. Learn how how to use our ready-to-go widgets to display status, location, alerts, and also how to create custom widgets.

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Engage with Your Brand

In this competitive market, it’s essential to keep your brand in the mind and heart of your customers. Deploy your solution with RUN and get users engaged by sending proper and timely push-notification, SMS, and personalized e-mails with your brand on them.

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Add Your Secret Sauce

Be ready to increase the value of your IoT application by including intelligent scripts to process data in real-time. By adding scripts that are executed in real-time, System Integrators are able to leapfrog their competition by offering smarter and easy-to-use IoT solutions.

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All in One

As supply chains may include indoor and outdoor asset tracking, condition monitoring used in cold chain management, inventory and storage control, connected workers and a variety of other different tools, TagoIO is the ideal platform to get the complete solution — all in one place and well-integrated.


Edit any texts to tailor the messages for your target users. Deliver your IoT solution in any language using the multi-language dictionary feature.

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Geofences & Images

Add maps and floor plans for indoor and outdoor tracking that are able to indicate the location and status of the assets.

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Mobile app

Make your IoT application available for mobile app on AppStore and GooglePlay using our custom mobile app add-on.

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